The Spirit of Caribbean Cricket

We asked former players, umpires, fans, super-fans, and cricket enthusiasts what the Spirit of Caribbean Cricket meant to them personally. One thing stood out: Across the Caribbean, cricket is much more than a game. It’s a progressive idea about Caribbean identity itself.

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If you live in the Caribbean you have a cricket story to tell. We’d love to feature the best ones. What does the Spirit of Caribbean cricket mean to you? Record your story in one minute or less then click below to upload the audio (.mp3) or video file.


Norman Cumberbatch, SVG

Two world cup wins, record-holders for the highest test scores, best opening pair, and T-20 wins are just some of the great achievements that Norman Cumberbatch recalls from his love of Caribbean cricket! 

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St. Kitts

Cahema Mulley, St. Kitts

Cahema Lully passionately takes us back to her childhood excitement and love for cricket when her family would assemble to ‘Rally Round’ The West Indies’.

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Cricket is a Wonderful Unifier

When Caribbean people assemble at a stadium for a match they set aside their differences and instead they bring more than just flags and drinks to the arena, they bring their culture! That’s a beautiful thing.

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